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There are 26 Catholic schools and colleges in the Diocese of Cairns. With the exception of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School at Thursday Island, all schools and colleges are within two hours driving time from Cairns.

The Cairns Diocese has one Prep to Year 12 college (St Andrew's Catholic College at Redlynch), 19 primary schools and 6 secondary colleges. Of those, St Augustine's College, Cairns is an All Boys college and St Monica's College, Cairns is an All Girls college. In addition to day schooling, St Augustine's offers boarding for students of St Augustine's and St Monica's. Mount St Bernard College, Herberton (MSB) is a day and boarding secondary college for boys and girls.

It is anticipated that a Prep - Year 12 College will open in the Mt Peter corridor south of Cairns in 2015. The possibility of a Prep - Y6 school is being explored at Weipa, and at Cooktown a residential facility to support indigenous students is under consultation. This facility is expected to interface with an outreach (flexible learning centre) within the city of Cairns. The schools and colleges in the Diocese are grouped according to deanery.

Cairns Region (Northern Deanery)
EarlvilleOur Lady Help of Christians School(P-6)
Bentley ParkSt Therese's School, Bentley Park(P-6)
GordonvaleSt Michael's School, Gordonvale(P-6)
North CairnsMother of Good Counsel School, North Cairns(P-6)
Parramatta ParkSt Joseph's School, Parramatta Park(P-6)
Trinity ParkHoly Cross School, Trinity Park(P-6)
ManundaSt Francis Xavier's School, Manunda(P-6)
WoreeSt Gerard Majella School, Woree(P-6)
Parramatta ParkSt Augustine's College, Cairns(7-12, All Boys, Day and Boarding)
WoreeSt Mary's Catholic College, Woree(7-12)
Cairns CitySt Monica's College, Cairns(7-12, All Girls, Day and Boarding)
RedlynchSt Andrew's Catholic College, Redlynch(P-12)
Manoora Holy Spirit College, Manoora(7-12)
Mt PeterMacKillop Catholic College, Mount Peter(P-12)
Innisfail Region (Southern Deanery)
BabindaSt Rita's School, Babinda(P-6)
SilkwoodSt John's School, Silkwood(P-6)
South JohnstoneSt Rita's School, South Johnstone (P-6)
TullySt Clare's School, Tully(P-6)
InnisfailGood Counsel Primary School, Innisfail(P-6)
InnisfailGood Counsel College, Innisfail(7-12)
Tablelands Region & TI (Western Deanery)
MossmanSt Augustine's School, Mossman(P-6)
Thursday IslandOur Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Thursday Is(P-6)
WeipaSt Joseph's Parish School, Weipa(P-6)
Tablelands Region & TI (Western Deanery)
AthertonSt Joseph's School, Atherton(P-6)
DimbulahSt Anthony's, Dimbulah(P-6)
MareebaSt Thomas's School, Mareeba(P-6)
RavenshoeSt Teresa's School, Ravenshoe(P-6)
MareebaSt Stephen's Catholic College, Mareeba(7-12)
HerbertonMount St Bernard College, Herberton (7-12, Day and Boarding)