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2017 Annual Report for Holy Cross School, Trinity Park
Motto Truth, Knowledge, Faith Holy Cross Logo.jpg
Address Reed Road, TRINITY PARK QLD 4879
Postal Address PO Box 1026, SMITHFIELD QLD 4878
Phone Number (07) 4057 6920
Fax Number (07) 4057 8183
Email Address
Web Site
Total Enrolments 531 Mrs Sarah Hamilton
Year Levels Offered P-6
Student Population Co-Educational
Principal Mrs Sarah Hamilton
Parish PriestFr Neil Muir PP
Parish Number (07) 4057 6055

About our School

Nestled along the fringe of the Macalister Mountain Range, Holy Cross Catholic School is an integral part of the Northern Beaches Parish of Cairns. Our inaugural year was in 1987, on a site which was once a sugar cane farm. Holy Cross Catholic School originally came into being because of the desire of the people of the parish to provide an education that also nurtured the faith life of their children. As the most northerly located Catholic Primary School in the city of Cairns, Holy Cross proudly serves the families of the Cairns Northern Beaches with an education program which is both pastorally and academically attentive to the needs of its students. The school is equipped with well-maintained classroom sporting, library and administration facilities. Annual programmed maintenance ensures the school facilities are well maintained.

The school's motto is: Truth, Knowledge, Faith. In line with this motto, Holy Cross Catholic Primary School aims to foster the balanced development and integrity of each individual student through teaching programs which support their spiritual and academic growth.

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

Holy Cross School offers a curriculum consistent with the Australian Curriculum for all Learning Areas with the exception of The Technologies and Civics and Citizenships. Holy Cross is moving towards the full implementation of the Australian Curriculum in other Learning Areas for Semester 2 2015, and into 2016.

Religious Education (RE) is highly valued as a Learning Area. Whole school liturgical and prayer celebrations are a significant element of our RE programme. Staff across the Cairns Diocese are currently implementing a new RE curriculum. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is also explicitly taught through Program Achieve, which develops the essential life skills of 5 Keys, Persistence, Confidence, Organisation, Getting Along and Emotional Resilience. Daily Meditation is undertaken in all classes to assist children to understand the importance of emotional relaxation. SEL is implemented using a whole school community approach, with the inclusion of a variety of Parent and Staff Educational Programs and opportunities.

Some areas of specific and significant importance at Holy Cross include:

Extra Curricular school representative sporting teams (Rugby League, Netball, Futsal, Tennis) District Sporting representation for cross country and Barron River sports Visiting sporting clinics (Cairns Taipans, Northern Pride, Cricket, AFL Tennis)
Visiting Arts Council Performances School Mentoring Program Instrumental Music/ Dance / Drama/ Visual Arts Programmes
Year 4/5 Orators Speaking Competition Night 5/6 Rotary Public Speaking Competitions Inter-school sports for 4-6
P-3 Sports Fun Day
Eisteddfod Choric Speaking Book Week Activities Catholic Education Week Activities
Years 5/6 Playground Guardians Program End of Year Christmas Concert Years 5/6 school camps


  • A school wide network (LAN) which features a fibre optic backbone and wireless networking allows staff and students to access the network server, the internet, the school intranet and printers from anywhere in the school.
  • A Media Centre that all students visit, contains 30 new model desktop computers, data projector, and scanner.
  • Data Projectors and screens, or large screen televisions are available throughout the school, so that information can easily be shared and discussed.
  • Each year level has access to a digital camera. Students are encouraged to use the cameras and incorporate digital images into their presentations. Digital movie cameras are also in use.
  • Movie Cameras are available for use in classrooms by teachers or students.
  • Electronic Whiteboards have been installed in all Early Years classrooms.( P-3)
  • Years 2€“ 6 have access to banks of laptop computers, so that they can be used by individuals, small groups or the whole class for a variety of learning experiences.
  • Prep classrooms are equipped with desktop computers
  • iPads are available for use in all levels of the school.


  • A Physical Education teacher is employed to teach classes P-6
  • Extra-curricular sports programmes are available in the sports including: Tennis, Rugby League, Australian Rules, and Netball and Futsal
  • A perceptual Motor Programme is undertaken for students in Prep
  • In 2015 Holy Cross has begun to access federal funding and assistance as a recognised sporting school. This will allow Holy Cross to access outside organisations and opportunities to come and assist in PE classes


We have in place a number of sustainable school initiatives, including a frog pond, white paper and battery recycling, solar panels, walk to school day, schools€™ clean up days, nude food days and a worm farm. Our goals within this programme are to:

  • Encourage an environmentally aware community
  • Reduce litter
  • Minimize water usage
  • Minimize power usage
  • Enhance biodiversity

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Students have the opportunity to learn musical instruments - piano, guitar, violin, woodwind and vocals
  • Participation in the annual Cairns Eisteddfod
  • Participation in the School Choir, Liturgical Choir and Band
  • Participation in school based and public speaking competitions
  • Children represent the school in many sports including futsal, netball and rugby league, hockey, cross country.
  • Each class participates in educational programs that may include school camps.
  • Excursions within the local area are encouraged.
  • Participation initiatives are undertaken to enhance a global perspective (Global Family Day, Make Poverty History, hosting international students).

Social Climate

The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Families choose to attend Holy Cross because they wish their children to have a strong Catholic education where the central work of all teachers is to model and teach the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Parish Priest is also regularly involved in faith-related activities at the school. The school is reviewing its Positive Relationship Plan in consultation with the community which will clearly outline the school rules and the expectations for all students. Student well-being is carefully monitored within this framework so as to ensure that the pastoral needs of all students are managed and issues relating to inappropriate interaction and bullying are addressed using a timely and consistent approach.

The school utilizes the expert knowledge of a Learning Support Teacher and a Student Counsellor to provide guidance and support for all students within an operating CARE TEAM framework.

All teachers are invited to participate in 'classroom profiling' as a way of promoting positive classroom environments. A whole school thinking skills programme, promoting the use of organisational strategies, is actively integrated into everyday situations, in order to cater for the diverse needs of students.

The school community actively and generously participates in community assistance and fund-raising events as possible each year eg. Caritas, Relay for Life, Day for Daniel, Walk to School Day.

Parent Involvement

  • Parental assistance in the classroom or at a Parents and Friends level is encouraged.
  • The school provides opportunities for parents to assist in a range of activities. These may vary from doing a specific task e.g. classroom helpers, covering library books and assisting in the tuckshop, to taking part in decision making about the school policies and curriculum implementation.
  • Parents attend special school celebrations: Whole School and Year Level Eucharist, Book Week, Easter and Christmas celebrations, concerts, sporting carnivals, excursions and camps, ANZAC Day ceremonies, and Orator's Night.
  • Parents participate in surveys; their responses often being an integral part in the development of school policies.
  • Parents assist in providing resources for the school through fundraising activities.
  • Parents help in the school tuckshop and / or working bees.
  • Parents support teachers by preparing teaching resources eg. making hands on games and resources.
  • Parents facilitate the organisation of informal and formal social functions where parents and teachers can get to know each other.
  • Parents also have opportunities for interaction with the school community through
    • Curriculum Information Sessions
    • Weekly Assemblies
    • Parents and Friends Association meetings
    • Excursions

Each year, the P&F hold a spectacular Christmas Fair as a major fundraiser to financially support targeted school projects.

Parent Satisfaction

At Holy Cross there is a continued aim to improve the quality of education it provides. Holy Cross is a place of learning in a Catholic environment, where parents feel assured that the school is providing a high quality of education for their children.

Teachers at this school are committed in their approach to teaching and there is good two-way communication between the staff and parents. Parents feel comfortable about approaching the staff at the school with any concerns they might have. Parents believe that the children's teachers take the time to understand their points of view and take parent concerns seriously.

The teachers at Holy Cross are committed to school improvement and student learning. They encourage children to persist with their learning when it is difficult. This school delivers a religious education programme which is values based and meets student needs. Prayer and reflection is encouraged and valued by staff.

Children look forward to and want to go to school and parents report that the school is meeting the academic needs of their children.

Data Last Updated Mon 26 Feb 2018

Staff Reporting Data
Qualification Highest level of attainment Doctoral / Post-doctoral Masters Bachelor degree Diploma Certificate
% Staff with this qualification 0% 4% 43% 18% 3%

Workforce composition
Headcount FTE (Full-time equivalent)
Teaching Staff37 35.67
Non-Teaching Staff 39 16.09
Indigenous 0 0

Total funds expended on teacher professional development$24877

Teaching Staff Involved in Professional Development100%

Major Professional Development Initiatives

Throughout the year Professional Development opportunities are regularly undertaken by all staff. Professional learning is undertaken in mandatory training areas such as WHS, Code of Conduct, Copyright and Disability standards.

Professional Development has been undertaken in the areas of; Student Protection - legal and system obligations for monitoring and reporting child protection matters, Religious Education planning and professional development days, Staff Wellbeing, Anti Bullying Strategies, and Managing Student Behaviour, Diocesan Student Information System, Trewth - Religious Education Conference, Curriculum Conference. Professional Learning sessions for School Officers as well as NAPLAN Analysis days, Principal Learning Days, Aspiring Leaders sessions, APRE Focus Days, SEL Focus Days, Learning Support, Curriculum Support Teacher days along with Library Assistants Networking Days and Beginning Teacher days are attended by staff.

In 2015 a major focus of Professional Learning for staff was around the development of a School Wide Positive Behaviour Framework and Visible Learning.

Average staff attendance rate for the school year, based on unplanned absences of sick and emergency leave for periods up to 5 days97%

Percentage of teaching staff retained from the previous school year86.00%

Staff Satisfaction

Holy Cross School is a place of learning within a Catholic environment that encourages prayer and reflection. The school delivers a Religious Education programme that is values based and meets students' needs.

Teachers have opportunities for Professional Development to enhance student learning. Staff are treated as professionals and are supported by colleagues. They feel their role is important in the school and they are committed to it.

Holy Cross is a workplace with a positive ethos where the school encourages and values staff input when making decisions. There are clear goals and expectations at the school. Staff have trust in the school's future direction and believe they have the opportunity to have input in it's direction.

Colleagues set good examples to students and the school encourages student responsibility. Behaviour management is consistent at the school and conflict is handled well. Holy Cross School encourages a climate conducive to learning and staff have an opportunity to participate in learning communities within the school. Staff are satisfied with the school's performance.

Data Last Updated Mon Feb 26 2018

Student Reporting Data
Average student attendance rates
Prep YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 YR 6
94.65% 93.31% 95.09% 93.69% 94.27% 94.29% 93.88%
How non-attendance is managed by the school

School Policy requires contact with the school when students are absent. If students are absent without notification, a text message or a phone call is made to parents on that day. If there is a noticeable pattern of non-attendance becoming evident, parents are contacted to discuss the situation. Classroom teachers also make contact with parents, through personal contact or by alert to School Administration if non-attendance pattern is deemed to be causing a disruption to the student's learning.

The distance travelled

Students at Holy Cross School have continued to obtain excellent results in the Year 3/5/7 tests during 2015. We continue to carefully analyse results, with intervention programs implemented where necessary. Classroom practice is reviewed with continued improvement as our goal. We pride ourselves in tackling the basics of numeracy and literacy in a professional and high standard.

Where are we going ?

Continued Professional Development and whole school curriculum plan development is being undertaken during the continued implementation of the Australian Curriculum Learning Areas in 2016. A major focal area is Visible Learning where teachers engage in professional conversations to enhance student learning.

Student Satisfaction

Students surveyed said that they feel positive and cheerful at Holy Cross School. Teachers are easy to understand and put a lot of energy into teaching our classes. The teachers are described as being helpful in explaining how students can get more information. Teachers at Holy Cross are preparing students well for their future and the teachers themselves are reported to be well prepared. Students say they feel good about being a student at Holy Cross School and are happy and have enjoyed their year at the school. Students feel they belong at this school.

Data Last Updated Mon Feb 26 2018

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 3, 2017
Reading Average Score for the school 429.4
Average Score for Queensland 425.2
% students at or above the national benchmark 92.8%
Writing Average Score for the school 402.1
Average Score for Queensland 402.3
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.1%
Spelling Average Score for the school 404.1
Average Score for Queensland 408.7
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.1%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 432.2
Average Score for Queensland 437
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.6%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 399
Average Score for Queensland 402.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.1%

Data Last Updated Mon Jun 18 2018

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 5, 2017
Reading Average Score for the school 506.8
Average Score for Queensland 502.7
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.5%
Writing Average Score for the school 464.2
Average Score for Queensland 461.4
% students at or above the national benchmark 93.8%
Spelling Average Score for the school 515.8
Average Score for Queensland 496.5
% students at or above the national benchmark 98.8%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 503.4
Average Score for Queensland 496
% students at or above the national benchmark 96.3%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 490.6
Average Score for Queensland 490.4
% students at or above the national benchmark 98.8%

Data Last Updated Mon Jun 18 2018

School Funding By Source
Income 2017

Australian Government recurrent funding$4,794,790

State/Territory Government recurrent funding$1,099,478

Fees, charges and parent contributions$1,218,960

Other private sources$285,419

Total gross income (excluding income from government capital grants)$7,398,647

Deductions 2017

Income allocated to current capital projects$222,300

Income allocated to future capital projects and diocesan capital funds$0

Income allocated to debt servicing (including principal repayments and interest on loans)$201,970


Total net recurrent income$6,974,377

School Annual Reports

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cairns meet their annual reporting requirements under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (the Act) Section 423 (1) by updating their information on this section of the Cairns Catholic Education website. Information contained in each section of the report relates to the previous calendar year. The required information is published by 30 June each year, excepting post-school destinations data for Year 12 completers which is published by 30 September.