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2017 Annual Report for St Andrew's Catholic College, Redlynch
Motto The metaphor of journey runs through all that is at St Andrew's. This image forms the basis of the College Motto - Journey Together. SACC_logo_col_rgb.jpg
Address 185 -205 Redlynch Intake Rd, REDLYNCH QLD 4870
Postal Address PO Box 150, REDLYNCH QLD 4870
Phone Number (07) 4039 5200
Fax Number (07) 4039 5255
Email Address
Web Site
Total Enrolments 1672 Mr Lee MacMaster
Year Levels Offered P-12
Student Population Co-Educational
Principal Mr Lee MacMaster
Parish PriestRev Fr Neil Muir
Parish Number (07) 4057 6055

About our School

St Andrew's Catholic College is a P - 12 Co-educational College offering a high standard in education where students are encouraged by caring, dedicated and specialised staff to become the very best they can be.

The College opened in 2001 and is situated on a picturesque 25 ha site located in the heart of the Redlynch Valley.  Our size is a great strength: we are small enough for every student to know they are valued as an individual while at the same time we are able to offer an exceptionally wide range of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities.

At St Andrew's we extend the boundaries of conventional teaching and learning environments through innovative curriculum design, expert pedagogical teams, and the utilisation of the latest purpose built facilities. Here students know they are valued as a person where their dignity and spirit are sacred.

Come journey with us and join a community that embodies the Catholic tradition and is actively shaping the future. 

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

  • Comprehensive academic, vocational and extra-curricular educational offerings in sport, music and cultural activities;
  • The co-educational environment provides the best start for life, where men and women work in harmony;
  • The College is divided into three sectors for the purpose of curriculum delivery and pastoral care;

  • Offering a seamless Prep to Year 12 curriculum approach.
  • A recognised leader in the field of Middle Years learning.
  • Offers an innovative and relevant curriculum; dealing specifically for the needs of senior years (Years 10 - 12) students through a multi-pathway (academic & vocational) approach.
  • Middle Leaders (Pastoral) who ensure that Pastoral Care permeates every part of College life.
  • Students know they are valued as persons where their dignity and spirit are sacred.
  • Expert Student Counsellors Team.
  • Careers & Pathway Counselling available to all students.
  • Learning Support Specialists and Indigenous Liaison Officer supporting all year levels.
  • Exceptional staff who look for the best in their students, and value and respect them for just who they are.
  • The College focuses on developing partnerships between learners, teachers, community and other providers.
  • Highly committed to community involvement and participation.
  • An environment where parents are acknowledged and welcomed as genuine partners in the education process.

Philosophy of College ""Our people are our greatest asset""

St Andrew's Catholic College works to provide their students with an education, which will empower them to take their place in the world as spiritual, moral, well-integrated persons, contributing positively to the life of the Church and the wider society.

College Strategic Renewal Plan - 2015 - 2017 - Strategic Priorities Areas for 2015 - 2017



Faith, Mission & Religious Education

Learning & Teaching

Community, Relationships & Professional Practice

Resourcing & Sustainability



1.         Faith, Mission & Religious Education


During the period 2015 - 2017, our strategic intentions are to:-


1.1.      Develop and promote to our College community, an understanding of the role of Catholic education in the mission of the Church.


1.2.      Articulate and grow the College mission, values, charism and House identity as our special way of enacting the Gospel.


1.3.      Implement and integrate the new Religious Education curriculum emphasising the connection between the religious education curriculum and the religious life of the College.


1.4.      Promote opportunities for College community faith formation within the Catholic tradition.


1.5.      Further develop in our College community the call to action, service and stewardship within our Catholic tradition.


2.         Learning & Teaching


During the period 2015 - 2017, our strategic intentions are to:-


2.1       Ensure that our P-12 learning environment is cohesive, supportive, productive and faith driven connecting strongly with home and the wider community.


2.2       Ensure our students' individual needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in the learning programs.


2.3       Value, support and upskill teaching staff, non-teaching staff, parents and carers with contemporary curriculum initiatives.


2.4       Encourage teachers to focus and develop pedagogies that ensure students develop deep levels of thinking and application.


2.5       Ensure our College assessment and feedback practices are transparent, realistic and an integral part of the learning and teaching process.




3.         Community, Relationships & Professional Practice


During the period of 2015 - 2017, our strategic intentions are to:-


3.1       Promote healthy student relationships with their peers and staff through restorative justice and responsible thinking practices.


3.2       Further develop and refine effective communication strategies and practices within the College, parish, Parents and Friends' Association, College Board and the wider community.


3.3       Ensure College staff act in a professional manner at all times within and outside the College.


3.4       Involve the College community in the identification and the development of significant capital projects which will benefit the College.


3.5       Develop, promote and enhance relationships with all College stakeholders - parents, carers, staff, community, Parents & Friends' Association and the College Board.



4.         Resourcing & Sustainability


During the period of 2015 - 2017, our strategic intentions are to:-


4.1       Be a safe, responsible and environmentally sustainable College.


4.2     Be a financially sustainable College through sound operational management.


4.3     Maintain and care for the current College facilities and to ensure future infrastructure is planned and developed according to the needs of the College community.


4.4     Ensure the College is recruiting, continually developing, supporting and retaining quality staff.

Extra Curricular Activities

Bands, Ensembles & Choirs

Numerous Sporting Opportunities - School & Representative  Years 10 - 12 Work Experience & Vocational Programs (National Standards)
Chess Club Public Speaking & Debating Mathematics, English, Visual Art Enrichment Programs
Interschools Sporting Competitions Student Leadership Teams - Junior, Middle & Senior Years Robotics Club
Exemplary Track & Field Coaching Duke of Edinburgh Award Drama & Dance Clubs

High Performance Sports Programs

Community Involvement through a Service Learning Program for all Senior Students

Language Exchange Program (Japan & China)  

Social Climate

At St Andrew's Catholic College we pride ourselves on our community all-inclusive atmosphere.  The College empowers students to reach their true potential as confident, community-minded individuals by encouraging them to participate in a myriad of projects during their time at the College.


  • Active Anti-Bullying and CyberSmart programs.
  • Buddy programs.
  • Various Regional and Peninsula sporting team representations.
  • Mentoring programs.
  • Young Ladies of St Andrew's and St Andrew's Men community engagement programs.
  • Relay for Life Teams.
  • Charity collections.
  • School Missions Projects.
  • Language Speaking competitions.
  • Student Leadership Teams & Student Representative Councils.
  • Strong support for Catholic Education Week Activities.
  • Sporting carnivals - Athletics, Cross Country & Swimming.
  • Senior Citizen luncheons and morning teas.
  • Project Compassion / Vinnies Youth / St Vincent de Paul.
  • Strong Eisteddfod presence in the Arts.
  • Commitment to activities after school - Chess, Ukulele, Robotics, Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Art.
  • Homework Program - Library Assistance. 




Parent Involvement

  • Highly active Parents & Friends Association and College Board meetings.
  • Parents invited to weekly assemblies and other school activities.
  • Regular Parent / Teacher meetings, reporting and feedback opportunities.
  • Parents & Friends Association fundraising which is fully supportive of the College initiatives.
  • Defence Student Transition Mentor appointed to assist with the transition program for all Defence Families.
  • Student Representative Council and Student Leadership opportunities.
  • New parent welcoming functions.
  • All Saints' Chapel located at St Andrew's Catholic College is a Mass centre for the Northern Beaches Parish on Sunday afternoons at 5.30pm.
  • Parent Information Forums & Subject Selection Evenings.

Parent Satisfaction

As a general overall statement, parents and carers surveyed stated that they feel comfortable in approaching the College with any issues or concerns and they believe teachers at St Andrew's are engaged with motivating students to ensure learning and growing as young men and women are positive experiences.  


The College was commended by parents and carers for its innovative approach to continually improving the quality of education and wellbeing for all students.

Data Last Updated Fri 23 Jun 2017

Staff Reporting Data
Qualification Highest level of attainment Doctoral / Post-doctoral Masters Bachelor degree Diploma Certificate
% Staff with this qualification 0% 6% 50% 21% 11%

Workforce composition
Headcount FTE (Full-time equivalent)
Teaching Staff142 133.49
Non-Teaching Staff 96 65.93
Indigenous 3 1.79

Total funds expended on teacher professional development$120153

Teaching Staff Involved in Professional Development100%

Major Professional Development Initiatives

During 2016 / 2017 the staff at the College were actively involved in the following major professional development initiatives:-


-    Implementation of the 'Visible Learning' pedagogical agenda

-    Implementation of Positive Schools / Growth mindset agenda

-    Continued implementation of quality literacy and numeracy programs (Prep - Year 10)

-    Continued implementation of Australian Curriculum content (Prep - Year 10)

-    Continued adoption of new vocational courses and content

-    Continued adoption of social, emotional and student wellbeing initiatives

-    Adoption of professional learning teams focusing on teaching and learning



Average staff attendance rate for the school year, based on unplanned absences of sick and emergency leave for periods up to 5 days97%

Percentage of teaching staff retained from the previous school year88.00%

Staff Satisfaction

Staff at the College report the following in relation to satisfaction:-


ü    “The College is an excellent environment to work because we feel cared for.”

ü    “Staff are treated professionally and with great respect.”

ü    “Opportunities abound for staff - personally and professionally.”

ü    “Our work is valued and we feel trusted.”

ü    “The College continues to achieve outstanding results due to the commitment of the staff.”

ü    “We are able to work in a beautiful school where we feel connected to our community.”

ü    “As a staff we work very hard, but we are part of the most wonderful community at St Andrew's.”


Data Last Updated Thu Jun 22 2017

Student Reporting Data
Average student attendance rates
Prep YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 YR 6 YR 7YR 8 YR 9 YR 10 YR 11 YR 12
95.69% 93.97% 95.08% 95.04% 95.03% 93.84% 94.57% 94.48% 93.83% 94% 94.05% 92.08% 92.26%
How non-attendance is managed by the school

Parents are encouraged to contact the school on the day that a student is absent. Various communication channels are available for parents to contact the school regarding student absence:

  • Dedicated email address
  • Telephone Absentee Line
  • STACC Mobile Telephone App
  • Parent Portal

If students are absent without notification, parents are contacted on that day. If there is a pattern of non-attendance developing, parents are contacted and an interview is requested. A non-attendance pattern is likely to cause a disruption to the student's learning.

As a College, across all year levels, we are working on improving school attendance during the term as this greatly influences academic results and student engagement. We ask our parents / carers to assist us by minimising the time their children are away from the College during term time and at the conclusion / beginning of each term. Every day lost through absence is a day lost to learning.

Year 10 to 12 Apparent Retention Rate96
Post-School Destination Information

Refer to graph above.

The distance travelled

  • Large scope and variety of extra-curricular programs St Andrew's Catholic College offers. Our curriculum is complemented by the extensive use of technology to enhance curriculum delivery.
  • Specific programmes in relation to student welfare - Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs start in Prep and continue throughout the College up to and including Year 12. This program provides life skills education through building confidence, resilience, organisation, getting along, and persistence. Through this emphasis, our College encourages individuals to develop Christian wholeness by implementing evidence-based Social and Emotional Learning to nurture wellbeing, invigorate learning and develop cultures of connectedness.
  • Specialist programmes showing improved outcomes for students with disabilities and those who need learning support. Students benefit from caring, dedicated and specialised staff focusing on the individual needs of students. Special Needs & Learning Support Programmes are organised in each sector, providing support to all students in need across the College from Prep to Year 12.
  • Vocational Education and Training Vocational Education continues to expand at St Andrew's with St Andrew's Trade Centre being utilised by a large proportion of our senior year cohort. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we have numerous Certificate courses on our Scope of Registration for Years 10 to 12 students; up to and including Certificate III and IV qualifications.

Where are we going ?

As a Catholic College, we are committed to a particular value system, that is "Christian Values in the Catholic Tradition, based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Our hope is to provide students with a clearly defined set of values and principles by which to lead their lives and a sense of service and giving. Through their involvement in this Catholic Faith Community, students will be able to reach their full potential, through the enhancement of their educational, personal and spiritual dimensions.

Our College calls each person to be the person that Jesus would want them to be. As a result of such a calling, our students will enrich the world when they enter it as adults. We ask them not to accept the world as it is, but to work for the world that could be.

"I have come in order that you might have life in all its fullness." (Jn-10:10)

Student Satisfaction

91% of students agreed:

  • they feel positive at school and they feel relaxed about being a St Andrew's student.
  • their teachers are well prepared.
  • the College offers so many opportunities to grow.
  • their teachers knew them well and cared for them.
  • the College was a place that prepared them for their life after school.

Overall students believe that the teachers provide a stimulating learning environment and are preparing them well for the future.

Data Last Updated Thu May 03 2018

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 3, 2017
Reading Average Score for the school 442.4
Average Score for Queensland 425.2
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.2%
Writing Average Score for the school 396.5
Average Score for Queensland 402.3
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Spelling Average Score for the school 394.3
Average Score for Queensland 408.7
% students at or above the national benchmark 93.6%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 435.9
Average Score for Queensland 437
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.4%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 402.4
Average Score for Queensland 402.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.2%

Data Last Updated Mon Jun 18 2018

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 5, 2017
Reading Average Score for the school 521.7
Average Score for Queensland 502.7
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.2%
Writing Average Score for the school 472
Average Score for Queensland 461.4
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.2%
Spelling Average Score for the school 487.3
Average Score for Queensland 496.5
% students at or above the national benchmark 92.6%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 497.2
Average Score for Queensland 496
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.4%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 507.1
Average Score for Queensland 490.4
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%

Data Last Updated Mon Jun 18 2018

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 7, 2017
Reading Average Score for the school 564.4
Average Score for Queensland 540.3
% students at or above the national benchmark 97.5%
Writing Average Score for the school 528.8
Average Score for Queensland 502.5
% students at or above the national benchmark 96.3%
Spelling Average Score for the school 558.2
Average Score for Queensland 546
% students at or above the national benchmark 98.1%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 566.3
Average Score for Queensland 537.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 93.8%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 576.9
Average Score for Queensland 549.2
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%

Data Last Updated Mon Jun 18 2018

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 9, 2017
Reading Average Score for the school 608.1
Average Score for Queensland 574.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 98%
Writing Average Score for the school 585.7
Average Score for Queensland 541.309997
% students at or above the national benchmark 92.4%
Spelling Average Score for the school 592
Average Score for Queensland 576.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 96.2%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 616.7
Average Score for Queensland 573.5
% students at or above the national benchmark 98.1%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 620.5
Average Score for Queensland 585.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%

Data Last Updated Mon Jun 18 2018

Year 12 Outcomes

Number of students awarded a Senior Statement. 136

Number of students awarded a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement. 1

Number of students awarded a Queensland Certificate of Education at the end of Year 12.131

Number of students awarded an International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBD).

Number of students awarded one or more Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications.66

Number of students who are completing or completed a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SAT).17

Number of students who received an Overall Position (OP).89

Percentage of OP/IBD students who received an OP 1-15 or an IBD.87%

Percentage of Year 12 students who are completing or completed a SAT or were awarded one or more of the following: QCE, IBD, VET qualification.97%

Percentage of Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre applicants receiving a tertiary offer.99%

Data Last Updated Thu May 03 2018

School Funding By Source
Income 2017

Australian Government recurrent funding$14,358,085

State/Territory Government recurrent funding$4,377,523

Fees, charges and parent contributions$7,323,285

Other private sources$457,013

Total gross income (excluding income from government capital grants)$26,515,906

Deductions 2017

Income allocated to current capital projects$943,731

Income allocated to future capital projects and diocesan capital funds$0

Income allocated to debt servicing (including principal repayments and interest on loans)$1,737,974


Total net recurrent income$23,834,201

School Annual Reports

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Cairns meet their annual reporting requirements under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (the Act) Section 423 (1) by updating their information on this section of the Cairns Catholic Education website. Information contained in each section of the report relates to the previous calendar year. The required information is published by 30 June each year, excepting post-school destinations data for Year 12 completers which is published by 30 September.