2018 Annual Report for St Joseph's Parish School, Weipa
Motto Bringing Faith and Learning to Life SJW-logo-col for web.jpg
Address Boundary Rd, Rocky Point, WEIPA QLD 4874
Postal Address PO Box 1409, WEIPA QLD 4874
Phone Number (07) 4069 9500
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Total Enrolments 155 Rosie Harrison
Year Levels Offered P-6
Student Population Co-Educational
Principal Rosie Harrison
Parish PriestFr Dariusz Osinski
Parish Number (07) 4069 9346

About our School

St Joseph's Parish School is the first Catholic school in Weipa. Set in a mining town on the Western side of Cape York Peninsula, St Joseph's Parish School has at its very heart, the values of Humility, Justice and Compassion just as Jesus showed. Established in 2016, St Joseph's opened its door with 74 students. Since then it has grown to an enrolment of 150. Even when St Joseph's reaches its capacity of 180 it will retain its welcoming 'small school' atmosphere, where every student is known and valued. St Joseph's purpose-built design boasts a contemporary and innovative learning environment with all classroom learning areas flowing into a central open space.

St Joseph's provides an Authentic Catholic Education with a strong focus on Social and Emotional development through the lens of the Catholic Faith. We strive to live out the Gospel values in our daily lives and challenge all school members to make a positive difference to the lives of others. The St Joseph's Parish School Charism, The St Joseph Way', is embedded into all facets of school life, is lived, modelled and articulated by every member of the school community.

St Joseph's Parish School provides a safe, stimulating learning environment and where each child has the opportunity to achieve their potential. It has a group of highly dedicated and motivated parents and carers who genuinely assist with the provision of the best educational environment possible for their children, through their hard work and commitment. Learning is supported by dedicated staff who have a desire to see all students grow in their learning. By using research-based practices together with high levels of technology, student learning outcomes are maximised for all students.

We are committed to join with parents, families and the community in partnership for the education, development and formation of our young people. Our school community works together to provide students with a quality education that will equip them with knowledge, skills and spiritual foundations needed to become well-rounded, active participants of society.

Characteristics of Student Body


150 students

61% boys

21% aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

More than 90% of students come from dual income families. The majority of families work for RIO Tinto or contractors who work for the mine. Other parent occupations are in education or health.

School Annual Improvement


St Joseph's Parish School has recently undertaken an external school review from which we have identified three main goals for 2019-2020.

·         In 2019 we will nurture post-critical belief of all staff, students and parents through continued exploration of St Joseph Parish School Charism and the embedding of the St Joseph's Way. 

·         By the end of 2019, 85% of our students will feel safe and happy at school as identified by the Diocesan Wellbeing Survey.

·         By the end of 2019 students of SJW will achieve greater than or equal to National benchmarks in Reading as measured by effect size data so that all students experience optimal learning success in reading.

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

At St Joseph's School, learning is based on the holistic development of each child - physically, emotionally, socially, academically and spiritually.  We, as a learning community, are always looking for opportunities to grow, so that individually and collectively we become the best that we can be.

St Joseph's is fully engaged in the Australian Curriculum and provides rich, purposeful learning across all subject areas.

  • Religious Education
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)
  • Science
  • Technology
  • The Arts
  • Health & Physical Education (HPE)
  • Languages Other Than English (AUSLAN)

Some areas of specific and significant importance at St Joseph's Parish School include:

·         Religious Education - Our core subjects include Religious Education which involves a formal study of Religion in the Catholic Tradition guided by the Archdiocese of Brisbane's Religious Education Curriculum.

·         Student wellbeing is a high priority at St Joseph's and focusses on providing students with the foundations for emotional development and learning. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is explicitly taught using the You Can Do It program. This program is designed to teach protective behaviour, social and emotional learning, bullying prevention and child protection, creating a cohesive foundation for a safe and protective school.

  • Intensive intervention support in Reading. Every student's progress in reading is closely monitored and intervention provided. Reading intervention programs -Mac Lit, Mini Lit, Initial Lit and Pre Lit.
  • E-Learning delivered via significant student access to digital devices in classrooms
  • ICT assistant and tech support visiting twice per term.
  • Strong emphasis on implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum through Lego Robotics, Sphero Robotic Balls and Bee Bots to teach Coding and Programming. Our school employs a STEM support teacher half a day each week to support teachers with planning and resourcing.
  • The school engages a teacher librarian who visits for 2 weeks each term. The Librarian works with students in teaching research skills, internet safety as well as introducing students to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction literature.
  • Specialist teachers for Physical Education, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
  • AUSLAN is taught to students in Year 5 & 6
  • Spelling Mastery a research evidence-based program is implemented in Years 2-6

The learning across all Learning Areas is enhanced and enriched through the integration of key events throughout the school year. This includes various visiting school performances, involvement in activities such as ANZAC Day March, Under 8s Day, Book Week, Catholic Education Week, NAIDOC Week and various feast days in the church calendar. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is taught and integrated across all year levels. School camp is held for Year 6. A Swimming program is run in Term 4 which culminates in a swimming carnival.

Extra Curricular Activities

St Joseph's encourages students to participate in a range of activities that are available at lunch time, in school time, before and after school.

Some of the activities on offer are:

·         Sport coaching sessions 

  • Drama Club
  • Art Club
  • Code Club
  • Readers Cup Challenge
  • Swimming lessons
  • Cultural Experiences, Technology Workshops, Science, Art
  • Under 8's Day
  • Visiting school performances
  • School camp for students in Year 6.
  • Retreat for students in Year 5 and Year 6
  • Science Expo - Visiting Scientist
  • The Arts Expo held biannually
  • Pre-Prep Transition program in Term 4 for school readiness.
  • Participation in Premier's Reading Challenge
  • Annual initiatives/activities for National Science, Literacy & Numeracy Week
  • Annual celebrations for NAIDOC Week
  • Annual celebrations for Book week
  • Annual initiatives/activities for Catholic Education Week

Various fundraising events run by the students to support local charities.

Social Climate

St Joseph's Parish School has a warm, friendly community that strives to foster successful learning based on both the Gospel Values and academic achievement. Our school is a learning community which places emphasis on enabling its students to seek spiritual, academic, creative and physical excellence in order to achieve their potential with dignity, respect and responsibility towards themselves, others and the environment.

Our school follows the St Joseph School Positive Behaviour Plan, created in consultation with the school community, clearly outlining school rules and expectations. Staff encourage children to persist with their learning when it is difficult. There is a strong focus on creating strong positive relationships and culture for learning. St Joseph's School community nurtures the whole child and all students benefit from access to the following:

·         School Counsellor

·         Learning Support Teacher

·         Curriculum Support Teacher

·         Parish Priest

·         APRE

·         School Masses

·         P&F activities

·         Close relationships with neighbouring schools


Parent Engagement

Parents at St Joseph's engage in learning and are involved at a high level in a variety of ways.   

·         Parent-staff-student social events

·         Weekly newsletter and facebook page

·         Assemblies each Friday afternoon

·         Parent surveys

·         Parent/teacher interviews

·         School Mass

·         Classroom Liturgies

·         Classroom assistance

·         Mother's and Father's Day celebrations

·         Working bees

·         Parent volunteer's induction program

·         Community events such as wear Red for Daniel Day

  • Open nights/days
  • Parent participation in sporting events and extra-curricular events

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Parental Involvement is very positive, productive and is very much valued. We have a very supportive Parents and Friends Association who contribute to community building and fundraising for the school. Their involvement has resulted in the advancement of resource purchases which have directly enhanced the learning of students including resources for our STEM program.

Parents are provided with four opportunities for formal reporting on student progress, two being interviews and the others written. Teachers are available to meet with parents when needed at other times.

Parent Satisfaction

At St Joseph's Parish School, is a place of learning in a Catholic environment, where parents feel assured that the school is providing a high quality of education for their children. Teachers are respectful and there is a good two-way communication between the staff and parents. Parents feel comfortable about approaching the staff at the school with any concerns they might have. Parents believe that the staff at St Joseph's take the time to understand their points of view and take parent concerns seriously.

Data Last Updated Wed 19 Jun 2019

Staff Reporting Data
Qualification Highest level of attainment Doctoral / Post-doctoral Masters Bachelor degree Diploma Certificate
Number of staff with this qualification 0 3 10 3 0

Workforce composition
Headcount FTE (Full-time equivalent)
Teaching Staff12 11
Non-Teaching Staff 17 6.77
Indigenous 0 0

Total funds expended on teacher professional development$14692

Teaching Staff Involved in Professional Development100%

Major Professional Development Initiatives

The staff at St Joseph's School are committed to school improvement and student learning.

It is crucial that teachers are confident, competent and knowledgeable in the teaching tools they implement. There is a considerable amount of the school budget dedicated to teaching and classroom resources that support effective pedagogy, which is promoted within the school.

Our staff have been involved in:

·         Curriculum based professional development

·         Opportunities for collegial planning and judgements

·         Mentoring and coaching around effective pedagogies

·         Opportunities to improve data analysis for improved student achievements

·         Ongoing experiences with using new technologies to enhance learning

  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • First Aid and CPR 
  • Mandatory Student Protection
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Digital technologies
  • Coaching
  • Essential Skills for Classroom Management & Classroom Profiling 
  • NAPLAN Analysis  
  • Consistency of Teacher Judgement
  • Reading Assessment and Reporting
  • Writing Report Card Comments 

Average staff attendance rate for the school year, based on unplanned absences of sick and emergency leave for periods up to 5 days97%

Percentage of teaching staff retained from the previous school year67.00%

Staff Satisfaction

Staff Satisfaction Staff of St Joseph's, Weipa identified that the areas of General teaching and Learning, Resources, Catholic Ethos, Staff Engagement, Leadership and Improvement Processes are soundly rated. Staff strongly rate St Joseph's School as a welcoming and caring community where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Also rated highly was the evidence of our school values - Humility, Justice and Compassion. There is a strong commitment by staff towards the school and strong belief the school provides high quality services to parents and students. The school and leadership team at St Joseph's Parish School model and expect high standards from staff.

Data Last Updated Wed Jun 19 2019

Student Reporting Data
Average student attendance rates
Prep YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 YR 6
89.6% 90.05% 90.94% 87.02% 91.43% 93.39% 91.47%
How non-attendance is managed by the school

Parents are encouraged to contact the school by telephone or email on the day that a student is absent. If the school is not contacted, and the reason for the absence is not known, the school will contact the parents. Following the marking of the roll each morning, unexplained absences are actioned by the school administration officer. If parents have not contacted the school prior to the completion of the roll, a phone call is made and the reason recorded. A Sign-in Register is used for students who arrive late and depart early from school.

The school has processes and procedures in place to address lateness and non-attendance.  If there is a pattern of non-attendance, parents are contacted to discuss any issues or concerns regarding the student. St Joseph's school community is educated in the importance of attendance and the correlation between academic success. Weekly newsletters identify current attendance for each class and there are many incentives put in place to improve attendance.

Student Satisfaction

The majority of students are proud to be students of St Joseph's. Students value their teachers and the sporting opportunities on offer at St Joseph's. Our student recognise that they are encouraged to do their best, to help others and if they have a problem they can ask for help.

Data Last Updated Wed Jun 19 2019

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 3, 2018
Reading Average Score for the school 389.8
Average Score for Queensland 437.8
% students at or above the national benchmark 90%
Writing Average Score for the school 393
Average Score for Queensland 410.5
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.2%
Spelling Average Score for the school 398.8
Average Score for Queensland 432.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 373.8
Average Score for Queensland 406
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.2%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 392.9
Average Score for Queensland 413.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%

Data Last Updated Thu May 30 2019

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 5, 2018
Reading Average Score for the school 491.2
Average Score for Queensland 517.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 93.3%
Writing Average Score for the school 439.7
Average Score for Queensland 469.4
% students at or above the national benchmark 78.6%
Spelling Average Score for the school 470.1
Average Score for Queensland 511.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 85.7%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 463.2
Average Score for Queensland 497.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 444.1
Average Score for Queensland 501.2
% students at or above the national benchmark 92.9%

Data Last Updated Thu May 30 2019

School Funding By Source
Income 2018

Australian Government recurrent funding$2,746,236

State/Territory Government recurrent funding$321,168

Fees, charges and parent contributions$0

Other private sources$45,248

Total gross income (excluding income from government capital grants)$3,112,652

Deductions 2018

Income allocated to current capital projects$0

Income allocated to future capital projects and diocesan capital funds$0

Income allocated to debt servicing (including principal repayments and interest on loans)$0


Total net recurrent income$0

School Annual Reports

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