2018 Annual Report for St Augustine's School, Mossman
Motto Together in Faith - Learning for Life St-Augustines.jpg
Address 24 Grogan Street, MOSSMAN 4873
Postal Address PO Box 327 MOSSMAN 4873
Phone Number (07) 4098 1631
Fax Number (07) 4098 2267
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Total Enrolments 187 Paul Rayner
Year Levels Offered P-6
Student Population Co-Educational
Principal Paul Rayner
Parish PriestFr Michael Szymanski
Parish Number (07) 4098 2001

About our School

St Augustine's Primary School, Mossman, shadowed by the magnificent Mt Demi, is situated 76 kilometres north of Cairns within a rural farming community on the edge of the naturally beautiful Daintree Rainforest and the lush green vegetation of Mossman Gorge. In addition, the popular beaches of the tourist town of Port Douglas are only 16 kilometres to its south.

Mossman Gorge, being home to the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal Community, is the ancient site of many local Aboriginal legends. Acknowledgement of Country is an important ritual at every school gathering and assembly as is the celebration of NAIDOC Day and the children are well versed on the stories and legends of the area. The invitation to local Indigenous Elders to speak to the St Augustine's community is a welcome event.

St Augustine's prides itself on being a Catholic Learning Community built on the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy who commenced the school in 1934. Over the years the school has grown considerably and older buildings have been refurbished. The original Sisters of Mercy Convent now houses the computer lab and administration facilities. With a school enrolment of approx. 187 students St Augustine's is inspired by its founders and espouses its motto of 'Together in Faith - Learning for Life'.

At St Augustine's Catholic Primary School the staff, students and parents work together to make the school's Mission Statement a lived reality in the lives of its community members. We are committed to celebrating our Catholic faith and Christian values through involvement in school, parish and the wider community.

The McAuley Performing Arts Centre, the Centre Undercover Area, the School Library, Diverse Learning Centre, the STEM Lab and the construction of the new Sport shed and new Junior Undercover Area have greatly enhanced St Augustine's School. These facilities provide our teachers with teaching and learning spaces to use in the delivery of a 21st Century education which promotes digital technology, innovation, exercise and healthy living and creativity. They are indeed 'state of the art' learning facilities.

St Augustine's staff are called to reach out to others by creating a learning environment open to all. Our school aims to foster an enjoyment and passion for learning and we are dedicated to educating the children we are privileged to care for, for a future of Life Long Learning through a holistic approach based on Gospel Values and the Mercy Charism.

Characteristics of Student Body

  • 187 students  (91 male & 96 female)
  • 13.7% Indigenous students
  • 38.1% students identify as Catholic
  • enrolment trend is generally increasing attendance rates from 2014-2017 with a dip in 2018.
  • 91.16% overall attendance
  • 81.7% attendance for students who identify as either Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait Islander
  • 14.2% students have an attendance rate less than 85%
  • Retention rate = 95.6%

School Annual Improvement

SMART Goal #1: By the end of 2018, 90% of students will demonstrate a learning gain of 0.5 in solving mathematical problems that require significant literacy skills. 


  • Use Sprints to target specific students and identify concepts that need greater focus. 
  • Develop Numeracy Goals through the Lower Primary PLT with a focus on professional learning -70:20:10 model
  • Data wall conversations 
  • Encourage classroom visits 
  • At the end of PREP 2017 assess Phonetic Knowledge (sound/letter knowledge)
  • Purchasing of appropriate resources to support this improvement priority 
  • Continue with Numeracy Coach 
  • Strategic questioning in weekly Homework tasks 
  • Targeted PD for Teacher / SOs / Community volunteers.
    • Yumi Maths PD 
    • QCAA Numeracy PD 
    • Morning Routines PD

SMART Goal #2:  By the end of 2018, 90% of students will demonstrate a learning gain of 0.5 in two step problem solving in mathematics applicable to their current curriculum year.


  • Use Sprints to target specific students and identify concepts that need greater focus. 
  • Develop Numeracy Goals through the Upper Primary PLT with a focus on professional learning -70:20:10 model 
  • Data wall conversations 
  • Encourage classroom visits 
  • Purchasing of appropriate resources to support this improvement priority 
  • Continue with Numeracy Coach 
  • Strategic questioning in Homework tasks 
  • Targeted PD for Teacher / SOs / Community volunteers.
    • Yumi Maths PD
    • QCAA Numeracy PD 
    • Morning Routines PD

SMART Goal #3:   Each fortnight, staff will participate in a 1 hr PLT meeting to engage in professional conversations on data analysis, planning and pedagogy to improve engagement and learning outcomes for all students.


  • In PLTs improve data analysis (BI Tools) so that evidence based decisions are consistent across all grades to improve learning and wellbeing outcomes for all. 
  • PD staff to use BI Tool effectively - project completed in conjunction with CES consultant 
  • Early 2018 gather data from Term 4, 2017 to evaluate student performances using school based programs. 
  • Evaluate yearly trends in literacy and numeracy results from BI Tools to triangulate SRS Semester 1 and 2 data. 
  • Network with other schools regarding successful PLT structures & processes.
  • Analyse PAT-M results attained at the end of 2017 
  • CST and Numeracy Coach to improve the quality of teaching in mathematics, targeting Lower Primary years. Using Visible Learning strategies: what are the children learning, their learning styles, how are we supporting the children and either end of the learning spectrum 
  • Develop positive PLT culture, norms and annual SMART goals. Review and deliver meaningful feedback

Future Target Priority Areas:

  • Enhance Catholic Identity
  • Improve Writing skills with a focus on writing conventions and text structure 
  • Build capacity in the use of data especially in the area of Analytics and Comparisons

Capital improvements:

  • Construction of the Junior Playground Undercover Area and HPE Sports storage shed.
  • New Interactive Data Project  & screen
  • Wide Screen and sound system for School Presentations from the McAuley Performance Art Centre
  • Replacement of Air conditioners in the Yr 5 and Yr 6 classrooms
  • New carpet in Yr 3 Room
  • Reparation to the Junior Playground equipment and base
  • Staff room improvements
  • Library Multimedia System serviced

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

At St Augustine's School, our students are being prepared to meet the demands of a changing world through the promotion of excellence and 'High Expectations' in education. At our fortnightly Friday afternoon assembly, all students are invited to proclaim that which they are about every day at St Augustine's School - the living out of the school motto - Together in Faith, Learning for Life. The motto and mission of the school are not mere words, but a lived reality in the everyday life of our students, staff and parent community.

Our curriculum shows a commitment by St Augustine's School staff towards the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. Teachers have worked tirelessly towards the completion of the planning documents aligned with the Australian Curriculum in all Learning Areas. St Augustine's School has been accredited documents in the curriculum areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, History and HPE.

Education of the whole person, through the "You Can Do It" Program for social and emotional wellbeing is embedded in the school culture. Students are exposed to cultural pursuits through a various extra curriculum performances, Dance and Performing Arts' workshops. All cultural areas are provided by specialist teachers. In addition, swimming lessons are provided by fully accredited AUS swim instructors and the whole school from P - 6 participate in our fun yet competitive St Augustine's swimming carnival.

As a Catholic Learning Community the teaching of Religious Education is important as is the celebration of our faith for special occasions. Classes take on the responsibility for leading class liturgies each term. Each year whole school liturgies are held for the Opening and Blessing of the school year, Ash Wednesday, Easter, ANZAC Day, Mother's Day, NAIDOC Day, Catholic Education Week, St Augustine's Feast Day, Remembrance Day and Father's Day. In addition, a special liturgy is held to celebrate the Year 6 Farewell to Primary School. A spirit of prayer is encouraged in all classrooms and formal prayers are taught in each class. The school and parish work cooperatively to support students who celebrate their sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation. In our Parish, the Sacramental Program is a parish and family responsibility supported by the school.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Year 6 Leadership Program
  • Buddies Program - Prep and Year 6 students buddy together.
  • Students support and host morning tea for the mothers, grandmothers and parishoners of St Augustine's.
  • Students have the opportunity to learn brass, piano, drums and guitar with two music teachers.
  • A small school choir exists
  • Children represent the school with the training of teams for Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, Hockey, Cross Country, and Netball.
  • Visiting sporting clinics - Auskick, Walla rugby, golf, hockey and basketball.
  • Participation in educational programs that include the annual Year 6 school camp.
  • Classroom excursions that are curriculum related are encouraged in each year level
  • Participation in Global Initiatives to promote the Spirit of Mercy and Justice - Project Compassion; Make Poverty History; Catholic Mission Day; Shave for a Cure; Relay for Life; Saints have Talent and the Butterfly Foundation for the Hearing Impaired.
  • Encouragement of participation in the annual Mossman Show Cultural Competitions - cooking, flower design, patchwork quilt making.
  • Walk to School safety program.
  • Bravehearts Program and Daniel Morcombe Student Protection School Visits.
  • Film-making club

Social Climate

St Augustine's is an enthusiastic, friendly and committed school community. Together parents and staff aim to provide all students with a well balanced curriculum within a pleasant and safe environment in a culture of 'High Expectations'. We have a part time school counsellor available and a Indigenous Liaison Officer who assist staff in meeting student's social and emotional well being.

Year 6 students have received special training and inducted as peer tutors. Students will be grouped from P-6 forming pastoral, friendship and buddy groups with Years 6 students acting as peer leaders and tutors. The Peer Support Program provides students with opportunities to meet other students across the school thus developing healthy relationships. The fostering of warm, friendly, inclusive and safe environments which promote acceptance, tolerance and love for each student is something that is valued highly at St Augustine's School.

In addition a Buddy System is formed with our Year 6 and Prep students and parents frequently comment on this at enrolment time as a positive aspect of the school in assisting our youngest students in getting to know our most senior students and feeling safe and supported by them.

Our After School Hours Care Program and Vacation Care Program are available to families not only from our school community, but from other local school communities. This is a growing service that caters extremely well to the needs of our working families. They have been and continue to be involved in the "Active After Schools" Programme.

Parent Engagement

This is regarded as an essential aspect of St Augustine's School Life. The school has developed its own school website Please visit it at The school newsletter is digitally posted each fortnight on a Friday. Regular updates are posted through both the open and closed school Facebook accounts.

Parents are involved with:

  • Whole School Dance Spectacular and Christmas Music Concert
  • Guided Reading Groups
  • Camp and Excursion Assistants; library helpers; sport team managers, coaches and parent assistants for all school and interschool competitions.
  • Parent helpers in the classroom
  • Fortnightly Assemblies
  • Fortnightly End of Week School Prayers
  • Liturgy of the Word for each class, each term
  • Invitations to parents to class presentations and sharing of curriculum learning
  • Tuckshop is on site with many generous volunteer helpers.
  • Our Uniform Volunteer Parents keep the Uniform Shop running smoothly
  • School Board parent representatives
  • Participation in P & F Association
  • Undercover Angels who care for our centre undercover area
  • Maintenance Committees and Volunteers
  • Curriculum Coffee Chat Mornings highlighting some aspect of teaching and learning - for example, teaching parents how to support home reading; Indigenous Morning Teas and chats
  • Major School Fundraising - Easter Raffle
  • School Newsletter
  • Formal and Informal Parent Teacher Student Meeting times to discuss each child's learning journey
  • Report Cards
  • Life Long Learning Awards and presentation evening each Semester.
  • Family Barbecue and Disco at end of Semester One.

Parent Satisfaction

Parents acknowledge that St Augustine's School is a place of learning which encourages prayer and reflection. It recognises that the Religious Education Program is values based and supports students' needs.

Parents also identify that St Augustine's School aims to continually improve the quality of education it provides and that parents feel comfortable about approaching the school with regards to their child's learning. In addition the majority of parents agree that their child looks forward to going to school and that they enjoy the learning that takes place at school.

Overall, parents are satisfied with the education their children receive at St Augustine's School.

Data Last Updated Tue 28 May 2019

Staff Reporting Data
Qualification Highest level of attainment Doctoral / Post-doctoral Masters Bachelor degree Diploma Certificate
Number of staff with this qualification 0 3 8 3 0

Workforce composition
Headcount FTE (Full-time equivalent)
Teaching Staff15 14.23
Non-Teaching Staff 11 4.37
Indigenous 1 0.39

Total funds expended on teacher professional development$8323

Teaching Staff Involved in Professional Development100%

Major Professional Development Initiatives

  • First Aid & CPR
  • Flip Learning
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Writers Workshops
  • Yumi  Deadly Maths Program
  • Visible Learning


Average staff attendance rate for the school year, based on unplanned absences of sick and emergency leave for periods up to 5 days98%

Percentage of teaching staff retained from the previous school year70.00%

Staff Satisfaction

The majority of staff identify St Augustine's as being a school community committed to Student Protection. The staff are have indicated a strong satisfaction in the Leadership and resourcing of the school to provide quality Teaching and Learning.  Staff are satisfied that Improvement Processes are in place to better position the school to meet the changes that occur in social and educational contexts.

Data Last Updated Tue May 28 2019

Student Reporting Data
Average student attendance rates
Prep YR 1 YR 2 YR 3 YR 4 YR 5 YR 6
88.26% 91.01% 93.46% 92.34% 94.24% 88.74% 93.14%
How non-attendance is managed by the school

Student attendance is measured and monitored via the use of BI Tools. When attendance becomes a concern contact is made with parents / guardians to gain understanding of non-attendance.  This can be done via email, letters home, phone calls or home visits. The Indigenous Liaison Officer (ILO) supports families in ensuring Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students are supported in regular attendance. There are formal and informal processes to support the management of non-attendance. The school has set a benchmark rate of  95% attendance for all students.

Student Satisfaction

Students delivered a rating of 'Excellent' for the delivery of teaching and learning and the Catholic ethos within the school. Students express great pride in being students at St Augustine's School.

There is strong feedback that students feel happy and safe and there is confidence teachers know the children and form supportive relationships at school.

Data Last Updated Tue May 28 2019

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 3, 2018
Reading Average Score for the school 438
Average Score for Queensland 437.8
% students at or above the national benchmark 96.2%
Writing Average Score for the school 415.4
Average Score for Queensland 410.5
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Spelling Average Score for the school 396.6
Average Score for Queensland 432.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 96.2%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 402
Average Score for Queensland 406
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 413.1
Average Score for Queensland 413.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%

Data Last Updated Thu May 30 2019

Reading, Writing & Numeracy Results - Year 5, 2018
Reading Average Score for the school 510.8
Average Score for Queensland 517.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 90.5%
Writing Average Score for the school 460.2
Average Score for Queensland 469.4
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.2%
Spelling Average Score for the school 498.3
Average Score for Queensland 511.1
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Grammar and Punctuation Average Score for the school 476
Average Score for Queensland 497.9
% students at or above the national benchmark 100%
Numeracy Average Score for the school 489.1
Average Score for Queensland 501.2
% students at or above the national benchmark 95.2%

Data Last Updated Thu May 30 2019

School Funding By Source
Income 2018

Australian Government recurrent funding$3,896,369

State/Territory Government recurrent funding$1,240,753

Fees, charges and parent contributions$845,840

Other private sources$149,573

Total gross income (excluding income from government capital grants)$6,132,535

Deductions 2018

Income allocated to current capital projects$138,450

Income allocated to future capital projects and diocesan capital funds$8,060

Income allocated to debt servicing (including principal repayments and interest on loans)$79,395


Total net recurrent income$79,395

School Annual Reports

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